DAILY susilyI’m Daily Susily – well, Susie in real life.

I moved to Beijing in 2003 on a whim and never looked back. It’s been a great experience to learn to communicate in Chinese and live as a permanent guest here. I’ve learnt so much about China, but often also about myself, my own culture and language.

It’s humbling to try and communicate with others in your second language, so when you’re lucky enough that they speak your native language, you learn how to communicate more clearly in your mother tongue (which for me often means toning down my Australian accent).

I’m still learning a lot every day and this is my space to share what I’ve learned in case it’s helpful or entertaining for you.

Other than this, I also take on website and blog projects, as well as consult and coach for people building their own websites and blogs. I enjoy delighting my clients with the results. If you’d like to hear more, please get in touch.

All images and designs are my own unless otherwise noted.