Donuts are good for your soul

Donuts are good for your soul

In honour of finally getting a real donut store in downtown Beijing, it’s a donut theme today.

I’ve been a donut lover as long as I can remember, but the donut lust hit me hard when I moved to Beijing and found it lacking in donuts. In Melbourne, my hometown, my favourite donut is the hot cinnamon donut from Donut King. Hot jam donuts from a van are also generally excellent, as is the chocolate jam ball donut (chocolate icing and sprinkles on top, strawberry jam in the middle).

It seems our donut tastes down under are under appreciated in the rest of the world, so I’ve broadened my horizons to things like maple old-fashioned, and glazed donuts when I am lucky enough to travel to a donut-loving city, or through a well-stocked donut-loving airport.

If you live in a lucky donut town, don’t take it for granted, go out there and give the donuts the love they deserve today!! I’m gonna have a donut feast to celebrate the goodness that comes from fried dough and a lot of sugar at the new Wangfujing Dunkin Donuts!

Image credit: Copyright free from Flickr